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There is nothing..

This statement could easily become misinterpreted as a postulate much like René Descartes metaphilosophical conclusion that no physical world exists- or that we in any such case have no evidence to proof that the physical world exists and thereby only have proof of the reality of one’s own existence, or at least of one’s thought- ”Ergo cogito sum”

But the statement is instead to be understood as a thesis in which the very existence of nothing is underlined. “There is nothing” thereby nothing exists, and nothing gets meaning when we through the culture creates- and gives it meaning. Reality consists of nothing-, the meanings and normativities we have constructed are created to give the nothingness meaning, to give our life and our existence meaning- to give the human life form meaning.

But the meanings and normativities have taken over- the reality consisting of nothing, has vanished underneath an overriding paramount and constructed ‘reality’, a fake reality. A ‘reality’ consisting of culturally created constructions and meanings in which we as humans no longer are able to percept and witness reality.

”What a pitty, that in order to say things, you have to go via meaning!” (Baudrillard 2011: 157)

Our perception of the world is being determined by the culture and we can therefore only percept and sense ‘reality’. As subjects we exists in the real world and reality, but only percept and sense a constructed and determined ‘reality’. When culture draws the lines and sets the boundaries for humans to think, talk, percept and understand the wolrd, I ask myself the question of how free cultural humans could ever be?

A human infant is brought to the world as an it. As a blank slate, as a being not yet culturally contaminated, a tabula rasa, but instantly it gets transformed into a subject. If one wishes to experience a free human being in its purest an most natural form, one have to stand next to a woman giving birth and there witness how it gets brought out into ‘reality’. But as disappointing as it might seems to realise, the free being is being robbed for it’s freedom the moment it enters the world. The culture is to blame for the deprivation of the beings freedom and could easily be seen as a shackle which, from the very moment the being enters the ‘reality’, locks it away and keeps it trapped in ‘reality’ for which seems to be the rest of the beings living existence.

When accepting that only nothing exists one could say, ironically as it might sounds, that it is nothing which holds us trapped and through the culture and the constructions determine our freedom and perception of reality.

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