The materials and medias through which I express my acceptation of nothing

When expressing myself on canvas I tend to use aerosol cans only. I use different techniques depending on the expression I want to get out and onto the canvas. With streetart like stencils and freehanded graffiti craftsmanship I express my thoughts in different ways. Like a dogma I stick to the use of aerosol paint only, which in the end helps me evolving and pushing the limit of my ways of expression whenever I turn onto problematic and difficult tasks and assignments.

When I’m not expressing myself through paint I create sculptures to reflect my thoughts and emotions. I work with different techniques and materials, which allows me to be able to create sculptures with materials of great difference and contrast.

I work with traditional foundry techniques where I with melted cobber, brass or aluminium cast sculptures in plaster forms. I started out working with concrete, which I now combine with my foundry techniques to create interesting expression of contrast in material and colour.

Recently I learnt to create cobber sculptures through the chemical process of electrolysis where a steady flow of electricity through a mixture of acid and cobber assembles the cobber atoms on a molecularly scale upon an object of choice. The electrolysis way of creating sculptures allows me to create elegant cobber sculptures with a thickness under a millimetre.

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